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Ceiling Insulation Johannesburg

Having your home insulated in Johannesburg with high-quality, energy-efficient ceiling insulation is one of the most reliable and predictable investments in the home improvement industry. It makes a massive difference. How much can you save with ceiling insulation Johannesburg? The exact number will depend on the shape and size of your house, your living habits, and the heating equipment you have, among other factors.

On average, the majority of people who have ceiling insulation installed in Johannesburg save at least 30% on their monthly energy bill. In some cases, the savings are as high as a 50% reduction in energy bills. You could be saving thousands of rands a year… and not just this year, but each and every year to come!

Reduce Heating And Cooling

Energy bills are on almost every homeowner’s mind no matter what the season is here in Johannesburg. Whether it’s heating bills in the winter or cooling bills in the summer, the objective is to pay as little as possible each month. It turns out that one of the ways to save energy happens to be adding ceiling insulation. Adding earthwool is the most cost-effective way to save on your energy bill as it pays for itself within five years.

A very common reason for adding ceiling insulation Johannesburg is for comfort. A home that is under-insulated is more vulnerable to the outside temperature. Heat naturally flows from hot to cold. This means that depending on the outside temperature you may be experiencing hot/cold and uncomfortable rooms due to heat displacement.

Bedrooms located on the upper floors are especially vulnerable to outside temperatures. Adding insulation to your roof space is a great way to ensure these rooms stay temperate at night and in the early morning when temperatures are at their lowest.

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Ceiling Insulation Johannesburg

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