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Acoustic Insulation Johannesburg

As it is not always possible to stop noise at the source, the most effective solution is to insulate. Earthwool Acoustic Insulation Johannesburg offers a wide range of highly effective acoustic insulation products and solutions. Used in roofs, walls, partitions, and floors, as well as for the upgrade of existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation and noise comfort. They also provide excellent thermal performance.

Acoustic insulation Johannesburg or soundproofing prevents the escape of sound waves from a room or sound transmission from room to room in a house. Acoustic insulation Johannesburg is designed to deflect, absorb and dissipate noise to keep sound levels at a more manageable level.

How Does Acoustic Insulation Work?

Sound waves tend to travel in all directions in the form of vibrations. These vibrations create more on the other side of the wall. Acoustic insulation Johannesburg decreases the intensity of these vibrations making a barrier. There are various types of soundproofing products specially designed to absorb, disperse, deflect or block the noise to keep the sound intensity at a low and manageable level.

Absorb As Much As 75% Of The Sound

Installing acoustic insulation in your home can absorb as much as 75% of the sound. This helps to soundproof the home or room to acceptable levels. It’s a well-known fact that noise pollution not only makes relaxation more difficult, it also brings about physical stress, in some cases causing pain, and can ultimately pose a serious health threat.

Both acoustic and ceiling insulation has thermal insulation qualities. It is however much denser, which gives it more effective soundproofing properties. Sound insulation can be used to create quiet zones within your home or to block out the sound of a busy road.

Benefits Of Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation means much less noise for everyone in the house. It makes a house more inviting as when you have relatives over a weekend there is no chance for them to hear your private family conversation. Whereas music played by teenagers in the house won’t disturb adults and vice versa. The sound of an alarm clock or shower early in the morning won’t be a problem for anyone.

  • Reduce stress
  • Improved productivity
  • Providing privacy
  • Improving health
  • Cost-efficient

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Acoustic Insulation Johannesburg

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